Healing Childhood anger exercise.

Think back to yesterday. Imagine that your memory is a video tape that you can rewind and fast forward any time you choose. Right now, rewind it 24 hours. Think about some of the things you did yesterday. Did any thing frighten you or make you angry? It does not have to be anything important or dramatic – you may have simply felt impatient waiting in line or you might have seen someone being rude or inconsiderate. For a moment or two, try to remember the day’s events in as much detail as possible. Focus on a moment of anger. Become aware of the feeling in your body as well as the emotions in your mind.

Now, rewind the tape of your memory a little further. Try to remember exactly a year ago. What were you doing on this exact date one year ago or as close as you can remember. What was on you mind at the time? Do you recall being worried of angry about anything? Try to feel the emotions as well as the feelings in your body. Are these feeling the same or different form the ones you felt yesterday?

Rewind your tape back to your teenage years. Again, focus on a situation that made you angry or frightened. Relive the feelings mentally and physically. Notice how the anger you felt yesterday is built on top of the feelings from so long ago.

Try to remember an incident from childhood. What is the earliest time you can recall being angry? Bring that experience into your awareness. Where were you when it happened? Who else was there? Who or what made you feel so angry? Feel all the sensations that created the anger.

Notice how the fear and anger have accumulated over the years. Although you cannot remember it, there was a time in your life before you ever felt anger, or fear, a time of total tranquility and peace. Try to imagine what that experience of utter bliss might have felt like. Focus on a time before fear and anger. Rewind you memory tape until it goes blank and feel the boundaries evaporate between yourself and your surroundings. For the next minute, feel the total loss of all your accumulated anger, fear and ego.

With that feeling of total bliss still in your awareness, begin to move your memory video forward again. Visit the same points in your life that you stopped at earlier – those angry and fearful moments from your childhood, your teenage years, a year ago and yesterday. As you envision these scenes again introduce the experience of bliss back into the setting. Instead of allowing one moment of anger to build upon another, begin to erase these moments one by one, from earliest childhood to yesterday. Spend a minute or two feeling the anger and fear being erased by the memory of bliss. As those feelings are erased, allow the toxic buildup of years of anger and fear to be erased from your spirit.

You can use this exercise at any time to attack the anger problem as its roots. Many people find it especially useful at night, just before they fall asleep, so they wake up blissful and without residual anger.

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