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Livingston, Ky XJ list Spring Fling - continued.


On the way out from camp the school bus obstacle that was such a challenge
going down was lots of fun going up.  Also this place drains well and dries
up quickly as the place where we could not go down the night before due to
mud was now dry enough to go up.  It was still quite a climb but we all made
it up just fine.  Wayne showed his expert driving skills by making it look
too easy in his brothers XJ.

Since many of us had commitments back home we decided to play around on some
of the hills instead of doing another trail run.

While we were stopped for lunch in a wide shady spot near the trail we got a
visit from the park ranger.  His official duty included asking if we all had
tags and insurance and checking our body language in response to his
question.  Since all the hatches were up at the time he could not see our

We asked him about the future of the park.  He said in the fall they plan to
begin re vegetation which means places like where we were parked will be off
limits. He told us to stay on the existing roads and we would be OK.  They
also plan to repair the main road to a cemetery that is somewhere south of
where we were.  He then left in pursuit of some unlicensed motorcycles that
were prowling around.

Adam tried another road up the hill where he got hung the day before.  He
was doing great when he slipped up against a tree that squished his right
rear quarter panel and then pulled his fancy new tailgate right out of it
mounting pins.  His tailgate and lots of gear went tumbling down the trail.
At the very top of the climb there was a solid rock wall that was just too
high for the wheel base of an XJ so he exited out the corner by another
tree.  His roof sliders worked well but he still ended up with a matching
squish on the left rear quarter panel.

I left Scott get a little time behind the wheel of Scuffy and he decided
things were not near as scary looking from behind the wheel as they are from
the passenger seat.

He played on a few easy climbs and then we stopped to watch some crazy
Samaris play.  Actually they may have been Toyotas with Sami bodies.  Not

While stopped I noticed that my XJ was leaking fuel from the engine area.  I
had been smelling gas every time we stooped but now seeing liquid dripping
near the exhaust, I decided it was a good time to load it on the trailer.

All in all this the most fun off road trip I have ever had.  The weather was
great.  The food was great.  The company was great.  I even began thinking
about converting my rally racer into a rock crawler so I can so this more
often in a more reliable vehicle.

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