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RallyCross Racing

RallyCross racing is one of the fastest growing motor sports in the country.  Rallycross is like autocross in that you race on a miniature road course marked with pylons.  It is different from autocross in that it is on dirt, grass, gravel or other loose surface.  Also unlike autocross, all the runs count, not just your fastest time. It is also way more fun to watch. A Jeep Cherokee makes a fun very competitive vehicle to RallyCross.  Mike has scored several Fastest Times of the Day trophies at local events.  He always gives the turbo cars a run for their money.  In the featured event below he was driving his work truck instead of his Rally racer.  He finished third overall.

For a kazillion more pictures of the October event see:  I worked Timing and Scoring at that event -see if you can find my JeepGirl XJ and check out some of the other racer girls.  For Chattanooga region scheduling and results form previous events, see  For more information of Southeast RallyCross racing see the official web site at

Rallycross Thanks to Tom Rothrock for the pictures.


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