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"Immediate Natural Relief for Asthma."

October 16, 2009 by Mike Strawbridge


When my younger son was a baby, he suffered from occasional asthma attacks. One particular attack that occurred while in transit to a distant pediatrician almost killed him.

The advice we got from the best doctors we could find told us that he might possibly outgrow asthma if it did not kill him first. They old us we could treat him with steroids that had nasty side effects but it might allow him to breathe.

None of these solutions sounded acceptable to me. So, I began my own search for alternative medications for asthma. When modern science did not offer a cure, I started a search for the best natural asthma cure.

Since asthma in children is a very serious issue that often requires a quick and alert response, I needed to find ways to not just treat the asthma attacks, but to find ways of preventing asthma in children as well.

I first tried some home remedies for asthma attack. I tried various herbs, onions and vegetables with not much success.

I kept searching for the best natural asthma cure. The natural cure for allergies and asthma in children that I found to work the best was a combination of asthma treatments.

Since the biggest problem with an asthma attack is lack of oxygen exchange in the lungs, I stared looking for alternate ways to get oxygen in to his system. After reading quite a bit about hydrogen peroxide treatments, I started putting hydrogen peroxide into the humidifier in his room

The added peroxide in the vapor made a small improvement in his breathing but bleached out the wall and curtains near the vaporizer.

I then began searching for ways to get the hydrogen peroxide mist directly into his lungs. We finally put hydrogen peroxide solution in the vaporizer machine that was designed to deliver his steroid to his lungs.

This peroxide vapor treatment made a huge improvement in his breathing. However, while it did a marvelous job of eliminating the asthma attacks and improving his immune system, it did nothing to address the underlying cause of the asthma and thereby prevent future asthma problems.

About that time we discovered Reiki. Although we did not call it by the name Reiki at the time. All we knew was it was a way of manipulating the body’s energy system using our hands.

By trial and error and his mother’s intuition, we found the trigger points on his body that helped his breathing. We did not realize it at the time but we were also working to eliminate the cause of the asthma attacks which was really a disturbance in his energy system.

At the time, we just knew that when we rubbed and thumped on him in certain ways, he felt better. You could watch color return to his skin and see his breathing relax as we rubbed and thumped on him.

As he began to be able to verbalize his thoughts better, he would often ask his mother to rub the yuckies away. And rubbing the yuckies away soon replaced all the chemical treatments including the steroids and hydrogen peroxide.

Now fast forward 14 years and I am looking back at those times with new lenses. I now know and understand what was going on and more importantly how to repeat the results so I can tell you how to help your child as well.

First, I must clarify that I am a chemical engineer, not a doctor. I don’t promise to be able to cure any illness or even provide any relief. I can only tell you what I have discovered in the last 14 years of studying natural healing techniques that was triggered by my desire to save my son’s life.

I now know that the human body is a cohesive energy field that is directly controlled by the thoughts of the spirit that dwells in it. This may sound a little whacky, but after years of observation, testing and applying scientific principles that I learned as an engineer, this is the only logical conclusion I can draw.

My observations are backed by scientific study in quantum physics. In fact I wrote my final exam paper in quantum physics presenting a similar point about electron orbits many years ago while in engineering school. I got an A.

OK, assuming that the body is a cohesive energy field directly controlled by our thoughts, what thoughts trigger asthma symptoms and the potentially fatal asthma attacks? After all, this body has a built in self preservation system right? Why would it endanger itself?

The root cause of asthma seems to be fear. More specifically a fear that cannot be vocalized. It has been reported that the lungs of a patient having an asthma attack sound like a thousand tiny screams as the air passes out of the restricted air sacks in the lungs.

While I have never tried it, it is possible that an asthma attack might be relieved by simply verbalizing that scream. However, since there is also some mechanism repressing the scream, it might not work. Try it and let me know.

What I have seen work is the resetting of the energy imbalances cause by this repressed fear and the desire to scream. In the case of my own child, I may never know what he was afraid of and why his body had to express itself in such and frightening way to get our attention. But using the techniques that I am going to describe, we don’t have to know what the fear is, only to acknowledge that it exists.

First, we must acknowledge that the asthma response is not a bad thing. It may be life threatening, but not a bad thing. It is a response designed to get attention and get it fast. There is a huge energy disruption that needs to be corrected now!

Accepting the asthma attack as a natural part of life and no longer fighting against it is a major step toward removing the fear of the attack. Part of the trouble with dealing with asthma is that fear triggers the attack and the attack causes more fear. This is the law of attraction in overdrive creating more and more fear and more fear response.

In a child, you can calm the fears, by remaining calm yourself and projecting love to the situation. Have faith that your child was sent here for a divine purpose and as soon as we all calm down we can proceed to living out that divine purpose.

If you are the one having the attack, you may need some help to get calm. You best solution is to work to remove the underlying fear so that attacks do not start in the first place.

Reiki or simply the projecting and manipulation of loving energy around the body has a profound effect of balancing the energy disruptions that cause asthma. Work frequently and consistently to balance your energy systems dissolve those old fears. Instill a belief that all is well and that nothing can hurt you unless you let it.

Positive affirming prayers will also help to focus loving energy. Loving energy calms fears and balances the energy system.

When working with very small children, I have found that it is often the fears of the parents that become manifest in the child. The thoughts held by the parents literally shaped the DNA that formed the child so it is no surprise that very small children exactly mirror the emotions of the parents. So at the same time you are projecting love and compassion to your child, work on your own fears. Seek deep inside yourself for a fear that has been repressed and cannot be vocalized.

The most effective tool I have seen demonstrated for relieving these hidden fears is EFT. EFT or emotional freedom techniques is a system developed by Gary Craig that works to balance the body’s energy systems through a series of tapping motions on certain points on the body.

One thing that caught my attention right away with EFT was that Gary uses one of the same points to set up his EFT sequence as we used to tap on my son for his asthma attacks. We have rubbed this point on ourselves for years to relieve all kinds of ailments.

The tapping is thought to energize certain meridians of energy flow in the body. Whatever the mechanism, EFT is very effective and often offers immediate natural relief from asthma. It takes only a few minutes to learn and just seconds to do the procedure when asthma symptoms first appear. There is plenty of time to execute the procedure and then fall back to a chemical inhaler or other prescribed treatment if it does not work that time.

The EFT set up procedure addresses the root of the problem or the fears that the body is expressing. While it is possible that a single tapping session could reset the blocked energy flow permanently, it could take several repeated sessions to restore a long standing imbalance. But since it take just seconds to execute the procedure, it is not a big chore to keep repeating the procedure until all the underlying fear is removed.

As the fear is processed by the mind and spirit, the body will no longer have to process and express it though the asthma symptoms and attacks. EFT provides the emotional freedom so that the body can quit expressing fear through asthma attacks and go on about performing its task as a divine vessel for the spirit.


Mike Strawbridge October 16, 2009

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