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"How American Christian singles can find the relationship they are looking for."

October 16, 2009 by Mike Strawbridge

American Christian singles face an interesting challenge in today's dating market.  How can a Christian single compete for the attention of a desirable woman and still maintain his Christian values?

The biggest problem I see facing American Christian singles is that the feel like to attract a woman - especially a Christian woman, they they need to be a "Nice Guy."  They don't want to be known as a jerk or a bad boy.  They think that by being nice then Christian single women will be attracted to them because they are "supposed to."

The trouble is guys, God did not make women that way.  he created them to be attracted to dominant males who can ensure her security.  That means both her physical security and her emotional security.  He did not make women to be attracted to wusses.  Not even American Christian single wusses.

So if you want to learn to attract a Christian single woman, you are going to have to learn how to attract women in general.  There is plenty of good advice on the internet, but there is also a lot of bad advice.  So how do you know who to listen to?

First, you need to find a mentor.  Find someone who knows something about women.  The best mentors I have found for American Christian singles is an older couple who has been married a long time.  Make sure they are really a happy couple. 

Study their interactions.  What you will observe is that the wife is eager and happy to please her husband.  This may not sound politically correct these days, but you will see it in older happy couples.  It is why she is eager to please him that you need to learn.

She will feel happy when she is pleasing her husband because he makes her feel secure and safe.  She wants to make sure that he stays happy with her so he keeps her safe and not someone else.  Women are very competitive when it comes to their men.

You will notice that the older husband easily makes decisions.  He always considers and values his wife's opinion , but he makes his own decision.  He never ever asks his wife's permission to do something.  He simply informs her of his decision.  If she has an objection, he will listen and then make a new decision.  That may be the same decision or a different one, but it is always his decision.

Women are attracted to dominant secure men who generate a feeling of safety and security in a woman.  Be that man and there will be no shortage of American Christian single women knocking on your door.

Mike Strawbridge October 16, 2009

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