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"The art and science of rally."

October 16, 2009 by Mike Strawbridge


While some racers I know don’t see rallying as a motor sport, there is no denying the scientific aspect of the sport. We measure a route more precisely than most road engineers know how to do. We drive a car through varying conditions exactly at a set speed to arrive at an unknown location at exactly the correct calculated time.

All very scientific.

Even in trap rallies we rely on logic to determine the correct execution of the trapped instructions. If the generals are correctly worded and the conditions are correctly established there can be only one correct method of executing the route instructions.

So where is the art? The art is in winning a rally.

To be a winner you first have to think like one. If you are convinced that something will go wrong during a rally to ruin your score, then you will find that thing.

I still remember the time I spent preparing myself before my first national win. Before that I had always had the feeling that I was not good enough to win. There were so many people out there with more experience.

I put all that out of my mind a focused my thoughts on getting as many zeros as possible. The result was a score of 11 on a National Touring rally and gong home with a trophy.

Remember that even in rallying, what your think about expands. Don’t dwell on mistakes or potential problems. Prepare for them. Stay focused on your goal of getting as low a score as you can.

Mike Strawbridge October 16, 2009

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