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"The dark side of Manifesting your thoughts."

October 16, 2009 by Mike Strawbridge

Students of manifestation are taught to focus only on what they want to manifest. They know that what they think about expands. So, we tend to try to focus our thoughts only on good things and tend to try to block out the bad.

The trouble is, those other thoughts that we have not yet addressed are still lurking in the back of our minds. They continue to manifest things and situations despite our best intentions.

Think for a moment about those who have yet to become enlightened about the ways of manifestation. Their every thought is manifest into reality even though they don’t yet realize it. They think there is some luck involved. Maybe they see a vengeful god is attacking them or possibly the Fates are acting against them.

Some days, they think about good things and they have good luck or the gods favor them or Fate is watching out for them. But then other days, they think about all the bad things that have happened to them or might happen to them and suddenly they are surrounded by bad luck, the gods are punishing them and Fate strikes its blow.

As students of manifestation, we like to think that we are above all that. That we manifest what we want. However, as human beings created in the image of a creator, we are manifesting all the time. We not only manifest our affirmations and desires, but we manifest all our thoughts all the time.

As we look around we see war, violence, poverty and hunger we might think that we need to manifest a cure for all that. However, as we look around, we must also realize that we have created these very situations just the way they are now. They are and have been manifest through our own thoughts.

If we had no thoughts of war or violence or hunger or strife, then they would not even exist. We would not recognize them if they did because we would have no thought of it.

Therefore, we must take responsibility for our own thoughts. Each of us lives in our own bubble of reality that we create.

Everything that we perceive in our bubble is of our own creation. Everything.

When you see something in your bubble that you don’t like, you must stop and ask yourself why you created it if you don’t like it. You can’t blame your creation on any one else. They did not create it, you did. You must take responsibility for your own thoughts.

Take a moment to look around yourself. Everything you see is a reflection of your inner self. If you see clutter and chaos, it is because your thoughts are cluttered and chaotic. If you see violence and strife, it is because your thoughts are conflicted. If you see poverty, it is because you think of limited resources.

It is easy to blame someone else for the things in our bubble that we don’t like. We can blame other religious groups for not believing the same way we do and leading people astray. We can blame the government for being too restrictive or too permissive causing strife or poverty in our lives.

We can blame our parents or our children or maybe some great misfortune for putting us in a bad situation that we feel we don’t deserve. However, we must realize that what ever environment or situation that we are in, it was and is created by our own thoughts.

We are manifesting all the time. Not just when we focus on it. You may ask why what you are trying to manifest is not visible in your life. It is because you are manifesting many other things that sap your energy. Your manifestation energy is too scattered to bring you what you think you desire.

When you worry about what might happen, you are creating the very situation that you worry about. Remember that your creative force is not very good at negatives. For example, to create not being sick, you must first create an illness not to have. To not wreck your car, you must first create a wreck not to have.

This is the dark side of manifestation. We are powerful creators all the time even when we don’t realize it. When we wish evil or misfortune on another, that condition is created in our lives. When we think thoughts of illness, that condition or disease must first be created even if you are thinking about trying to prevent it.

The more we focus of trying not to look old or not to get sick, the more we create these conditions. As we worry about the behavior of our children, we create more situations to worry about.

Our thoughts are projected onto the people and things around us. These same thoughts are also reflected back to us. The suffering we might wish upon our enemies must also be experienced by ourselves.

If we wish peace for ourselves, we must think thoughts of peace for all. If our idea to create peace for ourselves involves inflicting pain on another, then we must also experience that pain.

If we want to create the freedom to practice our religion, we must give that freedom to others. If we try to manifest our freedom by suppressing the freedom of others, then we will also feel that repression.

If we desire to manifest wealth, we must give wealth to others as well. If we try to obtain wealth by taking from others we too will feel the pain of loss.

We cannot hate without being hated. We cannot be loved without showing love. All our thoughts are manifest in our bubble of reality.

Often this realization that we are responsible for all the bad things in our lives is hard to accept. We can’t possible imagine why we would have created this situation. It must be the work of a vengeful god or just bad luck.

The idea of an intelligent design of the universe is often hard for people to accept. There is often must evidence to an unintelligent design. It becomes even more difficult to accept that you are your own life’s creator when you see how messed up you think this are.

However, accepting that your world is as you have created it is the first step to creating a new world more to your liking. You must accept that everything is just the way it is supposed to be right now because it is as you have created it.

One way of looking at where you are now is to decide that you have created a challenge or puzzle for yourself and now it is time to solve it. You may feel the desire to hit the rest button an start over. You may think that you have created a bigger mess than you can fix. But be assured that you created this life for a reason and now is the time to sort out that reason and being to enjoy the game.

In my next article I will discuss more on how to solve this puzzle and create more light in your bubble.

Mike Strawbridge October 16, 2009

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