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"Project Cheap Jeep."

October 16, 2009 by Mike Strawbridge

As an introduction to true off road driving and in order to have an off road truck I can really have fun with without worrying about scuffing it, I built this one from spare parts.

used jeep parts only

Now on 35's!

"used jeep parts only"

The Body came from a truck I got for $500.

I sold the wheels and tires for $100 and transferred $150 worth of shocks to the RallyJeep project.

The 2.5 L Engine and Transmission came from Scott's wrecked truck.

Update: I put the original V6 back but still using the Auto Transmission from Scott's XJ. It took a while but I finally found a flex plate to make it work.

The front seats are also from Scott's new Wagoneer. He put the nicer seats from his wrecked XJ in his new Jeep.

The 208 transfer case came with another parts car.

The front shocks are leftovers taking up space on the shelf.

The rear shocks are the front shocks from an old lifted F150 using the sway bar bracket as a bar pin eliminator bracket.

The lift kit was $110 from JC Whitney.
JC Whitney Brand

I built the custom bumpers and rock rails using square tubing from an old canopy from my old coffee shop.

Receiver tubes cost $9.

Total cost $369.

In preparation or the XJ fall crawl, I have replaced the air and fuel filters and replaced a hose adding about $20 to the cost.

I decided the 35" tires that were holding up my wrecked F150 (background below) would be put to better use on Scuffy.  So I got some wheels from Summit Racing and did some creative body work to the fender wells. Add $130 for wheels.

The 35's needed more torque so I finally found a Jeep flex plate and put the V6 back in attached to the automatic.

The rear diff has now been welded to a spool.

The Track bar has been modified to hinge down eliminating the tie rod end type frame mount.

"used jeep parts only" "used jeep parts only" front reciever fro jeep xj

"used jeep parts only"


used jeep parts only

2.8L V6

3 speed Auto trans

228 Transfer case Locked in 4wd to bypass troublesome vacuum actuator

3" Rough Country lift.

No sway bars front or rear.

Stock length front shocks extended 2.5 inches at lower bracket

Modified Track bar and mount for full droop.

Rear Shocks are Rancho from front of old lifted F150.

 Rear sway bar bracket used for bar pin eliminator adapter.

Roll Bar with camera mount

Future Plans:

Bob front fenders Done

Larger tires and fender trimming.  Done

Skid plates.

Getting it muddy.    Done

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Mike Strawbridge October 16, 2009