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"Speaking Affirmations Aloud."

October 16, 2009 by Mike Strawbridge

In a recording of Marty Dow that I recently listened to, she mentioned the importance of speaking words of affirmation as well as just thinking them.

I had noticed lately when preparing for another subject that speaking words involved different parts of my brain than just thinking them. I could recite a text that I needed to memorize perfectly when I did it silently, but when I went to speak the words, I often stumbled on phrases that I knew well.

I soon realized that the phrases I stumbled on were those that I was not fully convinced I believed. My inner doubts caused my words to stumble when spoken aloud.

In that moment, I realized the potential power of speaking affirmations aloud. When I first tried it, I stumbled over the words of affirmations that have been very familiar to me.

I had to really concentrate hard to make myself speak my affirmations aloud. I had to believe them more.

Try this experiment with me. For the next 20 days instead of reading your affirmations or silently repeating them in your mind, speak them aloud.

Listen to the sound of your voice. Do you believe yourself? Can you speak your affirmation with clarity and strength? If not, maybe you don't believe it.

Keep practicing speaking your affirmations aloud until you can declare to the word your intentions is a strong clear voice. I expect we will see them manifest a difference in our lives.

Mike Strawbridge is the owner of Straw Solutions Performance improvement consulting. He tends to apply metaphysical and spiritual concepts to a variety of subjects like business and off road racing.

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Mike Strawbridge October 16, 2009

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